Driving Lessons in Pontefract, Castleford & Normanton Ring or Text Simon 07708 702745 or David 07802 951338
Driving Lessons in Pontefract, Castleford & NormantonRing or Text Simon 07708 702745 or David 07802 951338

From Tom Cairney (Professional Footballer - Hull City, Blackburn Rovers & Fulham)

Passed 12th August 2009

I found learning to drive with Simon very enjoyable. I wanted to pass quickly so I tried to have 4 or 5 lessons a week and sometimes it got on top of me, but Simon showed a lot of patience and guided me through step by step, so I'd eventually get there in the end. He knew the right times to have a laugh and the right times to be serious which made him such a good instructor. I'd advise anyone who is wanting to learn to drive to go with Pontefract Driving Academy.

From Christine Smith (Mature Student)

Passed 3rd January 2017

Simon makes you feel at ease, while at the same time pushing you to your potential. Even though I had previous driving lessons, it wasn't unitl I met Simon that I actually started learning. Thank you.


From Connor Hampson (Rugby League Player with Huddersfield Giants)

Passed 27th September 2016

Very professional in what he does. Imformative and allows you to experience as much driving as you can with him.

From Samuel Walker (Student)

Passed 18th July 2016

Simon provides good value instruction. He is friendly and made me feel relaxed so that my lessons didn't feel like a chore. He develops a bond that is more than just a typical instructor and pupil.

From Emma Rafter (Student)

Passed 10th February 2016
Simon is kind, helpful and gives excellent advice when needed. He is trustworthy, reliable & patient.
I would recommend him to everybody.

From Stephanie Scott (Sales Assistant)

Passed 15th January 2015

Simon is very patient and friendly. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends & family. He will go out of his way to help you and I will miss working with him.

From Claire Arnold (Student)

Passed 10th December 2014

David was very patient with me, as I was very nervous. We did manoeuvres over and over and had practice on everything, so the learning was thorough which helped calm my nerves! Thank you.

From Charlotte Waller (Student)

Passed 2nd December 2014

If you want to learn to drive there is no one better than Simon. He is very patient & calm. He explains things simply as well as being very reassuring. I am so pleased I picked Simon, as I passed first time, like so many of his pupils.

From Oliver Lockett (Waiter)

Passed 11th November 2014

Passed my driving test first time thanks to Simon. I would recommend Simon because he has a very thorough teaching & coaching method.

From Becky Watson

(Assistant Manager)

Passed 23rd September 2014

Simon is an amazing driving instructor. He always helps you   to find the right answer & to understand. He has a really good sense of humour which makes the lessons more interesting & enjoyable. I passed first time with only 3 minors. Thank you Simon.

From Daniel Walker

(Mechanical Engineer)

Passed 10th September 2014

Simon is a really good driving instructor that acknowledges any weaknesses that a young driver may have and improves them quickly. Simon was more like a friend than a teacher and has helped me achieve more than I first imagined. He is a cheerful and happy person. I would strongly recommend Simon as he is laid back but very skilled in what he does and I am pleased that I made the decision of having him as an instructor. A really big thank you for everything.

From Susan Ward (Nursery Nurse)

Passed 28th August 2014

I passed my test first time with David as my instructor. David is fantastic. He is patient, friendly and a very wise man. Nothing is too much trouble. I would definitely recommend to all. Thanks David I couldn't have done it without you.

From Adcharapron Oldfield

(Waitress at Sky Line)

Passed 20th August 2014

David got me through my driving test first time. He is excellent value for money, providing meaningful lessons and homework. He has offered good customer service and I would highly recommend learning with David.

From Samantha Ellis (Housewife)

Passed 18th July 2014

Passed my test 1st time with only one minor fault. David gave me the confidence I needed to pass. I would recommend David to everyone.

From Catherine Arnold (Sales)

Passed 12th April 2014

I would say the best way to describe David is he is an amazing instructor. He is funny, patient, calming, reliable & very knowledgeable. I couldn't have passed without him!

From Monica Sosnicka (Supervisor)

Passed 11th March 2014

David is very patient and very good in explaining all the aspects of driving. He has the right approach regardless of how good your English is.
I would recommend David to all my friends. I am planning to do my Pass Plus with David too.

From Ashley Proctor

(Warehouse Operative)

Passed 10th March 2014

David really does help you with every aspect of learning to drive.
If you're not sure about anything he will go over it with you a number of times to make sure you thoroughly understand. Overall fantastic instructor. Passed 1st time !!!

From Liam Huskins

(Student & Head Boy at Freeston)

Passed 5th November 2013

Thanks to Simon I passed first time, as he built up my confidence and made me feel at ease.

From Aisling Corbett (Student)

Passed 29th October 2013

When I was learning to drive, I wasn't the most confident, however Simon changed that and reassured me throughout all my lessons. He's extremely patient and makes you feel comfortable during each driving lesson. I passed first time with Simon, couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor!

From Matt Hagland

(Assistant Manager at Coral)

Passed 11th July 2013

Simon was my second driving instructor. I had a bad experience with my previous instructor and ended up feeling that maybe driving wasn't for me then I rang Simon and, after a few lessons, he dispelled that idea and I built in confidence as a driver. He never puts you under pressure. He keeps you calm, makes you laugh and is an all round great bloke. I passed first time with Simon and so did my friend! If you're looking for a first class instructor then look no further!

From Sean Hunter (Technical Advisor)

Passed 29th January 2013

Professionally, Simon is diligent, persistent and in my opinion most importantly trusting, giving you the opportunity to learn practically and safely.
Personally, Simon is one the most kind and understanding indivduals I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I passed both tests the first time and if you put as much work and effort in as Simon, you will too

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